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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free initial consultations?

Booking a consultation with us is free and easy to do! We offer a no-obligation discovery call of 20 minutes long, which can be held by video or phone, whichever works best for you. You can use the online booking page to schedule a free 20 minutes consultation session.

What services does Anchored Therapy Centre offer?

Anchored Therapy Centre offers Relationship Counselling, Individual Therapy, Marriage Counselling, Family Therapy and Couples Therapy. We specialize in helping people identify and resolve issues related to relationships, marriage, anxiety, stress, addictions, depression, anger management, grief, and more.

Do you offer sessions online or in person?

We do both! We will adapt to accomodate your schedule and comfort level!

What are online therapy sessions?

All video sessions are conducted using a secure and encrypted telehealth system designed specifically for healthcare professionals. Online video therapy has become increasingly popular, especially during the Covid pandemic. Virtual Therapy is convenient and easy access. 

Does Anchored Therapy Centre accept insurance?

Is therapy better in-person or online?

We can provide receipt for Psychotherapy or Psychology that can be submitted to insurance. Please check your coverage before your first session. 

Online therapy provides an equally effective option as being in a therapy office

Q: What are the available payment options for sessions?

The majority of clients choose to pay with a credit card. In case necessary, we also accept e-transfer. 

Q: What is your session cancelation policy?

If you need to cancel or change your session appointment, you can do so at any time through the booking platform. However, we kindly request that you provide us with a minimum of 48 hours' notice. In the event that you give us less than 48 hours' notice, we will unfortunately have to charge you the full amount for the session.

Q: How often should sessions be scheduled? What is the recommended number of therapy sessions I should attend?

A: Most clients prefer to have sessions once a week, although some may choose to have them every two weeks, once a month, or even more frequently. At Anchored Therapy Centre we believe in no one size fits all and therefore the response may vary based on the depth the client desires to explore and the number of issues they wish to address. It also relies on the client's willingness to invest effort in making changes in their life. While a single session can have a profound impact, it can also be beneficial to continue therapy indefinitely.

The frequency of sessions depends on some factors, such as the amount of time available, the seriousness and urgency of the issue, how recently the issue has arisen, and of course, budget. Since many clients begin therapy when their concerns are quite severe, they typically start with more frequent sessions to address the issues and then gradually decrease the frequency over time to maintain progress. Don't hesitate to discuss this question with your therapist.

Still Unsure? Book non-obligatory Free 20min Consultation Session

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